Application Control

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  • Norman Application and Device Control -

    Norman Application and Device Control solution STOPS endpoints from becoming a doorway for security threats to enter and sensitive data to escape.
  • Application Center 2000 Application Exporter 1.0

    Application Exporter allows you to generate command line scripts that re-create Application Center 2000 applications on other Application Center
  • Application Virtualization Application Listing Tool

    The App-V Application Listing Tool (ListVApps) is a tool which lists all the virtual Processes that are running at a specific time on a specific
  • EaseSoft Barcode ASP.NET Web Server Control and .NET Windows Form Control ( 1 de 3.5

    EASESOFT BARCODCE CONTROL INTRODUCTION EaseSoft Barcode Control has .Net Windows Form Control for windows application and ASP.NET Web Server Control
  • Your FTP Application 1.0

    This is the fully customized FTP Applictaion for your Own brand, Own Company name, Own Product name, Own website address. This FTP Application is an

    APPLICATION NAME 1 is created to enhance the Windows clipboard. It will put together all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will
  • M-Bus Application 1 25

    M-Bus Application is an M-Bus device readout program which is especially useful for developer of M-Bus devices and M-Bus network installer. M-Bus
  • Bad Application 1.0

    This tool does nothing, it only emulates a bad application... It can only change process priority class, start an endless loop (i.e. stop responding)
  • PCP Application 2.2

    It is an open-source machine learning program for supervised classification of patterns (vectors of measurements). PCP implements the following
  • Xem Application -

    Xem Application allows you to solve pH Balance
  • ERW Application 1.0.11

    This is a script for ERW
  • SB Application 1.0

    4th term project - desktop game for 2 players similar to
  • ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 11.07

    When you need a PHP Data-Entry Web Application for your MySQL database and time is at a premium but you don't want to compromise on modern
  • Application As Service 4.0.160

    The functionality of Application as Service by Eltima Software is aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service. With this utility you can
  • CD Match Application

    Launches any program for inserted CD - just associate program(s) to launch with your CD. You need not anymore for the one program launching from CD's
  • Application Blocker 1.0.5

    Application Blocker has the ability to block access to selected application preventing the user from running unauthorized software and wasting time
  • IP2Location Application 1.00

    IP2Location Application (AP) is a free standalone software that enables end-users to detect country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP
  • EaseMS Application 1.0

    Do you send text messages to friends/family/loved ones in another country or text internationally on a daily basis? Then you probably know that these
  • ID Application Protector 1.2

    ID Application Protector is a security program specifically designed to encrypt Windows executables. It protects them against reverse engineering or
  • Application Blocker Pro 1.3

    Application Blocker Pro is both an internet parental control software and a monitoring solution that protect your child while surfing the internet.
  • Application Launcher 0.99

    Application Launcher is a script launcher with an ability to send collected output from remote servers to a client by e-mail.
  • Application Accelerator 1

    This technology combines the newest PC management technics to provide your applications with the greatest performance output. When this application
  • Capture Application 1.00

    With this program you can capture applications so that you do not have to go through their lengthy installers anymore. This is especially great for
  • Restore Application 1.00

    This program will search a specified folder for any pre-captured applications and then can restore single or multiplte applications at once
  • Application Builder

    Not only convert your VBScript (.vbs) , JScript (.js) , HTML, HTA files into Executables (.exe) but it also encrypt your files source code and give it
  • Application migration 1.0

    Application migration from VB6/.NET to Web and Cloud. Run a free assessment readiness test on your .NET application EXE and learn how close you are to
  • Application Mover x32 4.1

    Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the
  • Application Mover x64 4.1

    Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the
  • Application Organize 1.0

    If you have too many windows applications installed and also different versions of the same software. It becomes difficult to manage them if you are
  • BlackBerry SMS Application

    Easy to operate BlackBerry SMS Application enables you to forward personalized and business messages to your colleagues, relatives, friends and
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  • Professional Computer Control

    If it is a headache for you to prevent your data from theft thought USB drive, CD/DVD or other, prohibit viruses' invading through some peripheral devices, keep your private files secret and safe, prohibit running some
  • PriorityControl_STATIC

    * A simple priority Control Application. * Updates every 60 seconds. * Efficient. * Monolithic [Independent]. [ A priority Control Application sets the base priority for a specified Application. A Application with a high
  • SofaControl 2.9.4

    Sofa Control is a software that allows you to Control other Applications with the Apple Remote Control or the Keyspan RF Remote for FrontRow. ?The Remote Control provides six separate buttons. With these six buttons you
  • PCAnywhere Remote Control 1.0

    PCAnywhere Remote Control Application was designed to let you take Control over your machines on which Symantec PCAnywhere is installed. You can put this program on a network share in your LAN, available for anyonewho
  • A Control Panel File Maker 1.0

    This utility generates a Control Panel Applet (.cpl file) that runs the Application of your choice. Main features: -Generates a Windows Control Panel applet (.CPL file). -Runs a program of your choice via an ICON
  • Online TVx Remote Control 1.0

    Online TVx Remote Control is a brand new Application that turnes online TV watching into a convenient and pleasent activity. Download free mobile Application and turn your phone to remote Control for Online TVx on your
  • Cell Control 4.1

    Spreadsheet ActiveX - Cell Control Cell Control is a kind of report form component, which can be used to develop the report form system Similar to Excel. Cell Control provides following two typical Application
  • DG Winamp Control Panel

    DG Winamp Control allows you to have full Control over Winamp by using special keys on the keyboard. The main difference between this program and Winamp's Default hot keys is that DG Winamp Control Panel works from any
  • CornerPocket 1.4.0

    A custom OCX Control that will allow the developer to show an Application running in the system tray. Popup menus can be added easily with this Control. Example
  • Vectir WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control

    The PC remote Control Application Vectir allow syou to Control Applications i.e. Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or infrared (IR) remote Control. It supports
  • No Hands

    Simple Remote Control Program Based on HIP technology, NoHands is a simple Control program that can send timed keyboard commands to any Application. This Application would commonly be used to create a demonstration
  • IBM Real Time Application Execution Optimizer for 1.0.0

    IBM Real Time Application Execution Optimizer for Java 1.0.0is created as a beneficial and high-speed Application which helps to optimize and verify a compiled Java Application, preparing the Application for deployment
  • IInterface Server

    iInterface is a powerful Application you can download to your iPhone and iPod Touch to take complete Control of all of your Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. iInterface supports multiple connections and
  • Intelliremote

    Intelliremote is a very efficient and handy utility that allows you complete remote Control of your Home Theater PC infrared or radio frequency remote and unlocks its true potential. Purpose of this program is: to
  • OLink

    OLink is a great Application developed by Jabloron. This Application enables you to interact with the Control panel if you are using the keypad. You can set the Control panel to the specified operating mode (Normal,
  • XP Firewall Control 2.5

    XP firewall Control uses all the present abilities of the XP firewall and extends them with Application level security model. XP firewall Control introduces per-Application named security zones and allows security zone
  • GNOME Media 2.26.0

    GNOME Media is a useful utility for the users having GNOME desktop. Volume Control, CD player and other Controlling tools are integrated within this software. You will already having this Application if you have GNOME
  • Arroyo Control 1.3

    Arroyo Control Application gives you full Control over your laser driver or temperature Controller, providing all the settings, limits, and adjustments of the instrument in an easy-to-use Windows Application. With this
  • Browse Control 1.7

    Browse Control performs Internet Access Control and Application Blocking to clamp down on users spending time on non-work related web activities and also peventing users from running unauthorised software such as KazaA,
  • FutCrop 1.1

    FutCrop is a crop Control in form of .Net Control (ActiveX). It can be integrated in graphics Application(similar to MS Paint or Photoshop) for cropping functionality. This Control can be moved/resized easily on the
  • DnEcuDiag

    DnEcuDiag is an Application framework for developing electronic Control unit diagnostic functionality without the need to implement code.Electronic Control units are defined as an XML metadata file which is added to the
  • DataMatrix .NET Control for .NET 2.0 1.3

    The DataMatrix .NET Control has all the features necessary to easily add professional quality barcodes to any .NET Application including database reporting and labeling, product packaging, document tracking, postal bar
  • EaseSoft Barcode ASP.NET Web Server Control and .NET Windows Form Control ( 1 de 3.5

    EASESOFT BARCODCE Control INTRODUCTION EaseSoft Barcode Control has .Net Windows Form Control for windows Application and ASP.NET Web Server Control for web Application. .Net Windows Form Control can output barcode to
  • HTML ListBox 1.0

    At first sight, the HTML List Control behaves like an ordinary ListBox Control. It has a Similar API. The main difference is that it is really a Web Browser window presenting the list items. Clicks and mouse events are
  • IR Power 1.0

    With IR Power you can Control your computer like your TV. Using same TV remote you can Control various multimedia Application running on your computer. By simply pressing buttons on your remote you can command your media
  • MP3 Player ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    MP3 Player ActiveX 1.0 is an OCX Control for software developers to play MP3 audio files and many other audio formats directly from an Application. The Control can be run from VB6, VB.NET, C++, ACCESS and any environment
  • eXResizer

    ExResizer is a windows position and size of Control modifying Application. For positions and sizes of Control modification Visual Basic forms are concerned. All you need to do is drag the Control you want to modify and

    You will take full Control over the system. You will know what process are there and you will Control them. Task manager will be part of your Application in very easy way. You will get information you need and you can
  • Toolbar Vstar Activex Control 1.1

    Easy to use 32 bit toolbar activex Control. Fast create XP style and Vista style toolbar for your Application. What is Toolbar Vstar Activex Control? As Application user interface most important part - toolbar, it
  • Digital-ProfiLab 4.0

    Digital-ProfiLab was designed for measurement and Control Applications, combining features like circuit and logic simulation, front panel design, and hardware Control to one powerful tool. Incoming signals from external