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  • X-Appl Web Application Browser 2.0

    The X-Appl browser is the world's first true web application browser. Unlike normal web browsers that were created to only view web pages, the
  • Application Center 2000 Application Exporter 1.0

    Application Exporter allows you to generate command line scripts that re-create Application Center 2000 applications on other Application Center
  • Application Virtualization Application Listing Tool

    The App-V Application Listing Tool (ListVApps) is a tool which lists all the virtual Processes that are running at a specific time on a specific
  • KidRocket Web Browser - Kids Browser

    KidRocket is a FREE Kids Web Browser, designed for Kids to safely surf the internets top child related web sites. Each human edited, hand picked site
  • Your FTP Application 1.0

    This is the fully customized FTP Applictaion for your Own brand, Own Company name, Own Product name, Own website address. This FTP Application is an

    APPLICATION NAME 1 is created to enhance the Windows clipboard. It will put together all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will
  • M-Bus Application 1 25

    M-Bus Application is an M-Bus device readout program which is especially useful for developer of M-Bus devices and M-Bus network installer. M-Bus
  • Bad Application 1.0

    This tool does nothing, it only emulates a bad application... It can only change process priority class, start an endless loop (i.e. stop responding)
  • PCP Application 2.2

    It is an open-source machine learning program for supervised classification of patterns (vectors of measurements). PCP implements the following
  • Xem Application -

    Xem Application allows you to solve pH Balance
  • ERW Application 1.0.11

    This is a script for ERW
  • SB Application 1.0

    4th term project - desktop game for 2 players similar to
  • ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 11.07

    When you need a PHP Data-Entry Web Application for your MySQL database and time is at a premium but you don't want to compromise on modern
  • Application As Service 4.0.160

    The functionality of Application as Service by Eltima Software is aimed to let you launch any program as Windows service. With this utility you can
  • CD Match Application

    Launches any program for inserted CD - just associate program(s) to launch with your CD. You need not anymore for the one program launching from CD's
  • Application Blocker 1.0.5

    Application Blocker has the ability to block access to selected application preventing the user from running unauthorized software and wasting time
  • IP2Location Application 1.00

    IP2Location Application (AP) is a free standalone software that enables end-users to detect country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP
  • EaseMS Application 1.0

    Do you send text messages to friends/family/loved ones in another country or text internationally on a daily basis? Then you probably know that these
  • ID Application Protector 1.2

    ID Application Protector is a security program specifically designed to encrypt Windows executables. It protects them against reverse engineering or
  • Application Blocker Pro 1.3

    Application Blocker Pro is both an internet parental control software and a monitoring solution that protect your child while surfing the internet.
  • Application Launcher 0.99

    Application Launcher is a script launcher with an ability to send collected output from remote servers to a client by e-mail.
  • Application Accelerator 1

    This technology combines the newest PC management technics to provide your applications with the greatest performance output. When this application
  • Capture Application 1.00

    With this program you can capture applications so that you do not have to go through their lengthy installers anymore. This is especially great for
  • Restore Application 1.00

    This program will search a specified folder for any pre-captured applications and then can restore single or multiplte applications at once
  • Application Builder

    Not only convert your VBScript (.vbs) , JScript (.js) , HTML, HTA files into Executables (.exe) but it also encrypt your files source code and give it
  • Application migration 1.0

    Application migration from VB6/.NET to Web and Cloud. Run a free assessment readiness test on your .NET application EXE and learn how close you are to
  • Application Mover x32 4.1

    Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the
  • Application Mover x64 4.1

    Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found in the
  • Application Organize 1.0

    If you have too many windows applications installed and also different versions of the same software. It becomes difficult to manage them if you are
  • BlackBerry SMS Application

    Easy to operate BlackBerry SMS Application enables you to forward personalized and business messages to your colleagues, relatives, friends and
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  • Browser Basic 1.4

    browser Basic is an Internet Based, Rapid application Development System for the browser. It allows the easy design and development of browser Based Business applications. The browser Basic Plugin takes advantage of
  • The Off By One Web Browser 3.5.d

    The Off By One Web browser may be the world's smallest and Fastest Web browser with full HTML 3.2 support. It is a completely self-contained, stand-alone 1.2 MB application with no dependencies on any other browser or
  • ThreeTeeth Browser 1.1

    A lightweight web browser.web browser, Internet browser, browse, browser, web A lightweight web browser. ThreeTeeth browser is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to easily browse the Internet.
  • Silis Web Browser 0.02b

    Silis Web browser is just a application for people not satisfied with Internet Explorer, Netscape, or any other web browser. Also it will be the main browser for the Erica OS
  • Pink Browser 1.0.0100

    Free web browser designed for girls Pink browser is a free web browser designed for girls. If youre a girl, why use a web browser that was not meant to be for you. Use our Pink browser instead which was designed
  • K-RIL Browser 2.5

    Our first Web browser applications with characteristics that simple and easy to use. Web browser application is still in our Review to identify more problems and upgrade the functions. setakan it still has shortcomings.
  • Sub-Launcher 1.0

    Launch any application on top of the... Just look at this typical Sub-Launcher's usage scenario: While using a web browser you need to use calculator. Press the Sub-Launcher's trigger to switch to your favourite
  • CATweb 2.6.1

    View the information from CAT databases in your Internet browser. View the information from CAT databases in your Internet browser. CATweb is a powerful application that enables you to view the information stored in
  • Secure Browser 1.72

    Secure browser offers the administrator the ability to control where the user navigates on the internet through the use of key words and specified URLs. Secure browser has many security features like locking down or
  • .BookmarkHit. 3.1

    Powerful URLs bookmark manager with a fully featured multi-tabbed browser. SurfGem is not dependent on any web browser to store URL bookmarks. It's an independent application that you can use with almost any web browser
  • B2B Phone 1.0 Beta

    B2B (browser To browser) Phone is an experimental project, which purpose is to try possibility of VoIP call ???from browser to browser???. How does it work User A will open the B2B web PaGE in the browser. Into field
  • IE Privacy Manager

    IE Privacy Manager is a small application that allows you to protect your privacy when you surf the Internet and suddenly leave your PC along. Your Internet Explorer browser keeps opened for unwanted persons and you
  • MySurf

    Navigate on the web with this browser. Navigate on the web with this browser. MySurf is a web browsing application that is built in Visual Basic in order to allow users to navigate on the Internet. Now you can use
  • My Theme 1.0

    Design, build and share your own browser themes. The Internet browser is the most frequently used application on the computer. It should never again be a passive vehicle for seeing the web. BT:Engage gives you the power
  • MXR Web3D Player 1.4

    The MXR Web3D Player is a universal web application plugin for the MXR Web3D. It provides a common base from which to launch any Mixed Reality application developed with the MXR SDK, right from within your web
  • Cheetah web browser 0.10

    The Cheetah web browser is a project that has been started to create a fully functional, light-weight, bloat-free web browser for Linux (and other free unix clones) that is not dependant on KDE, GNOME or Mozilla. Why
  • Microgarden Themebar 2.1

    See the application that has started a custom browser revolution! You will never think of your toolbar in the same way ever again. Make Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Window's Explorer, and Outlook ExPress look super
  • TheWorld Browser for Windows 2000

    You can use TheWorld browser for preventing browser from freezing. This secure and powerful web browser features a tabbed interface with multi-threaded frame browser and is compatible with Windows 98/me/2000/XP/Vista.
  • ID Browser Backup 1.2

    ID browser Backup is a very handy, utility program, meant to help recreate any browser extensions. It also provides the possibility of making backups to browser files, bookmarks and all traces you need to record. Main
  • Chromium Auto Updater 1.7

    A small application to automatically update Chromium. A small application to automatically update Chromium. Chromium Auto Updater is a small and fully automated utility that will update your Chromium browser every
  • KioWare Lite 6.4.0

    KioWare enables you to deploy a web application to a kiosk and add a whole host of kiosk features without having to reprogram the web application. KioWare Lite - targets those applications which mostly require
  • K-Browser

    It is an application that you can enter the World Wide Web, a Internet browser. Made with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, this browser will prove to you that is very easy to
  • BrowserCRM Online 4.603

    browser CRM is a web-based CRM suite combining integrated Email functionality with flexible and powerful CRM - Customer Relationship Management - and Collaboration tools, running in any web browser. browser CRM is a
  • BypassIt Portable Browser 1.1

    BypassIt browser is a Portable Web browser built on the .NET framework. Bypassit browser is unique in that when you use it, it connects to websites through fast and secure proxy services, including our powerful BypassIt
  • Diamond Red Browser -

    Diamond Red browser is a small, very simple and easy to use application that offers another Internet browser. Currentlly only some basic options are offered: you can manage
  • NuSphere PhpDock 1.5

    PhpDock - unique php deployment solution PhpDock enables you to deploy any PHP web application as a Stand Alone Windows Desktop application w/o any changes in the code. PhpDock is a Web Server and Web browser
  • SuluBrowser 1.0

    A small web browser. A small web browser. Sulubrowser is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you offer you a web browser written in C# . It is meant to be a more simple approach to
  • SquireBrowser 1.0

    Small and simple Internet browser. Small and simple Internet browser. Squirebrowser was created as a small and very easy-to-use application that allows you to navigate to your favorite websites. All you have to do
  • Client Wrapper Utility 1.0

    A tool that allows the user to run Forms applications with whatever the default the JVM of their browser is. A tool that allows the user to run Forms applications with whatever the default the JVM of their browser
  • Calcium 4.0.4

    The handy Web Calendar application Calcium requires web server that can run Perl CGI scripts for working. You can view as well as edit and manage your desire numbers of calendars in the web browser while the